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Accounting Firm CRM Solutions

Let’s bring everything your accounting firm needs digitally under a single dashboard.

Tools To Run Your Business

Your digital needs, covered under a single dashboard that lets you manage your digital presence efficiently & economically.

Website to Unlimited Emails

Get access to drag & drop website builder with 100s of webpage template designs along with unlimited domain-based emails.

Create Estimates & Invoices

From input to auto-tax calculations, formatting to emailing, your estimates & invoices are enabled with required billing features along with GST

Customer Data Management

Manage all your leads & customers' data on cloud storage which is secure, reliable, compliant & accessible by the people customer entrusts.

Project Management CRM

Our project management tool enables you to organize projects based on timelines, tasks, milestones that help plan, track, & collaborate.

Payment Gateway Integration

Collect payments via cards, UPI & wallets with the help of multi-payment gateway integration, that caters to customers across the globe.

Business Data Collaboration

Our centralized storage makes it easy for you to access information, organize & retrieve data, collaborate & share securely with your employees.

Our Subscription Also Includes:

All our subscriptions include features that are necessary to showcase your business, handle your customers and manage your business data effectively.

Our Pricing:

Take your business online today by subscribing to our annual plan. You may also request a demo from our experts by filling a simple form below.

Annual Renewal

All features included

₹ 6,000

*Buy additional space whenever needed for as low as ₹5 per GB, monthly!

Subscription Plan

All features included

₹ 20,000 + GST

*Buy additional space whenever needed for as low as ₹5 per GB, monthly!

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